MindTouch Adds Collaborative Video and More to MindTouch 2009
The latest version of MindTouch (news, site), an enterprise open source collaboration platform, has just been released. Dubbed MindTouch Minneopa, this release adds three new features to MindTouch 2009 including collaborative video, application packaging and content staging.

All three new features build upon the concept of MindTouch as a collaborative network offering capabilities beyond what we are seeing today in many other social computing solutions.


Collaborative Video

Online video capabilities are in high demand these days, so it makes sense that they would be added to the MindTouch 2009 platform. To get them, MindTouch partnered with Kaltura (news, site), provider of an open source online video platform.

Kaltura brought online video to open source last year and provides modules for both WordPress and Drupal already. With a full suite of video management and collaboration tools, MindTouch users can now do more than simply post links to videos. And the nice thing is that they don't have to download or install any complex video management solution to get these advanced capabilities.

“Kaltura provides collaborative video making and editing in the true spirit of what we address when we talk about collaborative networks,” said Aaron Fulkerson, CEO, MindTouch. “Our strategy is to provide a complete open-source platform with a full spectrum of functionality, which for today’s enterprise must include video.”

According to MindTouch, Kaltura will provide the first 10 GB of hosting and streaming free to MindTouch enterprise users.

Content Staging and Application Packaging

Easily package up your MindTouch application and deploy it to another MindTouch site. This feature doesn't require technical knowledge, but is a point and click activity. For automated deployments, there is a command line feature available.

Why would you want to package up a MindTouch application? That's pretty easy to understand. This capability enables you to create your application in a development environment and quickly move it through staging and production environments. It's also a great feature for consultants building MindTouch applications off the client-site.

Here's a quick look at how easy it is:

MindTouch Application Packaging Video

Note that this packaging capability is not just for applications, but can also be used for content developers to create their content in a test environment and then package it up for deployment to production.

The ability to have staging environments for both applications and content is a must-have for enterprises. No one wants to create content or apps in a production environment.

MindTouch 2009 - A Developer's Platform

The MindTouch open source collaboration platform is all over connecting enterprise applications, web services and Web 2.0 applications for teams to work together fulfilling business objectives. MindTouch 2009 is a developer platform for social collaboration and communities, enabling developers to build applications and mashups that bridge enterprise systems with social functionality.

MindTouch is one of the few, if not only, social computing offerings that go to this level of integration with enterprise data, demonstrating their concept of the collaborative network. Which is why the term "social network" is not in their vocabulary.

To Learn More

There are several versions of MindTouch available. Check out the differences here. You can also read our coverage on the MindTouch 2009 platform and read MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson's view of the Collaborative Network.