Kaltura Releases Video Editing Module for Drupal

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Kaltura Releases Video Editing Module for Drupal

Kaltura, the platform that brought open source to video and enabled groups to edit and collaborate with online video, has released a video module for the open source Drupal CMS.

Kaltura is a popular video platform used by blogging platforms like WordPress and now Drupal sites. The platform is similar to Viddler, which allows video users to annotate, remix and interact with online video media, all within a Flash-based editor.

Drupal is a popular open source CMS that is used by roughly 1.5 million downloads in the past year alone. Kaltura's new Drupal module is customizable and integrates with several Drupal features and modules including CCK, views, cron, tags, taxonomy and user permissions. At first launch, Kaltura users are given 10GB of video hosting and streaming. Of course, this 10GB limit can be upgraded at any time at cost.

Packed Full of Features

Version 1.0 of the Kaltura Drupal module is available for download at Kaltura's website. The module gives Drupal site administrators the ability to upload, import, edit, annotate, remix, and share audio, video and photo files.

Learning Opportunities

To get media into the module, users can either upload video files from their computer, record them directly from a webcam, or even import them from other online video storage services such as YouTube, MySpace and Flickr. The module itself is completely customizable to your Drupal-powered website's look and feel. To analyze media usage Kaltura's module allows you to run statistics and reporting on each media file.

Usage Set To Explode

With traffic and usage rising with online media, tools such as Kaltura's are in line to see massive growth. With the advent and explosive growth of YouTube and other video tools, video usage is becoming a mainstream online activity.  Users will soon demand greater interactivity when it comes to online video, and Kaltura will surely see benefit.

With Drupal being such a popular CMS, especially amongst small and medium businesses, academic environments and non-profit groups, we enthusiastically look forward to see how interactive online video will be utilized on the web.