Kaltura is Bringing Open Source to Video

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Kaltura open source video platform
Open source platforms have been cropping up more and more over the years. From web and enterprise CMS’s to video games. And now video platforms have been added to the list of open source solutions. YouTube was able to start a video sharing platform that had never existed before, Kaltura takes it to the next level.Kaltura is the world’s first open source platform for video creation, management, collaboration and interaction. Called “Wiki meets YouTube” by some, Kaltura offers a unique approach to collaboration that allows groups of users to create and publish rich media. This adds a social element to video creation and social is what the web is all about these days.Kaltura is built around a network that aggregates content across its members sites into a library of sharable and remixable rich media content. On top of that they have a network of partners that includes the Wikimedia Foundation to provide collaborative video to Wikipedia’s users.

Key Features of Open Source Video from Kaltura

Kaltura offers a variety of solutions for various industry verticals including advertisers and marketers, media companies, social networks, public interest, non-profits, education and more. The features listed below illustrate just what these industries can do with open source video:* Manage & administer all video content on your site, including bulk upload, encoding, transcoding and import.* Serve premium content.* Serve and promote user generated content: allow your users to upload original video content or import content from the Kaltura Network of legally remixable content.* Engage your users with rich media projects: Auditions, contests, collaborative films, remixing, video responses and more.* Edit and remix rich-media content using our online video editor.* Enhance your community: Kaltura offers a load of community features: annotations, mashups, rating and video responses to get your users interacting with each other and with your site's editorial content.* Serve premium content of any length and quality, including HD.

Using Kaltura Open Source Video

Kaltura offers a variety of easy to use editors to create your own online videos. You can also edit existing content to meet your needs and to meet the needs of your visitors. On top of all that, they also offer a variety of customizable video players for use on your WordPress, Drupal, Ruby on Rails or Wiki site. Best of all…no 10 minute time limit. Check out the screen shots to see the editors and video player styles.
Kaltura open source video platform

Kaltura's Video Players

Kaltura open source video platform

Kaltura's Video Editor

Kaltura open source video platform

Kaltura's Premium Video Editor

So if rich, viral, social media is your businesses approach to the future, Kaltura may be the solution. Even if rich media video is not on your list of things to do before the year’s end, give Kaltura a try and see if it’s for you. Besides, it’s open source which means free and in this economy that speaks volumes to any business trying to avoid the economic backlash.