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Businesses interested in sprucing up their video solutions might want to take a look at FeedRoom. The video solutions provider recently released its fourth iteration of their enterprise video platform that comes with new features allowing users to more easily and efficiently manage, upload and distribute video.The company considers FeedRoom 4.0 as the most exciting release yet. The system has been heavily modified to stand up to the competition in the video marketplace. In the process, the company has also managed to provide a robust solution that also features a modular design.

New In FeedRoom 4.0

The enterprise video platform takes shape from two key components: FeedRoom ContentCore and FeedRoom Studio.FeedRoom ContentCore, built utilizing a Web services API, provides users with a scalable, extensible, flexible and centralized content repository for managing video content. Customers who have existing systems in place need not worry, as ContentCore provides easy methods for integration with existing solutions like ECM, storage, distribution, networking, reporting and analytics systems. This ensures that the user is in control of their content, no matter what.FeedRoom Studio harnesses the power of ContentCore by presenting the information through a dashboard interface. This dashboard guides users through the video publishing process within an Adobe Flex powered experience that is both flexible and intuitive. The main focus of the Studio interface is ease-of-use, and nothing could be more important in an organization where users of various skill levels could be interacting with these systems.
FeedRoom Enterprise Video Platform

FeedRoom Enterprise Video Platform

The fourth iteration of FeedRoom also brings a few other new features to the table as well:* Really Simple Upload: Customers who need support for user-generated content need look no further. Really Simple Upload provides an easy interface, API and infrastructure to allow users to upload their content to any Web site supporting this functionality.* PlayerBuilder: The creation of video players is done through PlayerBuilder. Here, users can design, deploy and manage video players in a single environment.* FeedRoom Access: Catering to the disabled is made easier by a suite of 508-compliant interfaces, which ensures that video content is up to par on accessibility standards.* Backwards compatibility: Another key important feature with FeedRoom 4.0 is that it is able to support previous FeedRoom solutions; thus, enabling customers to migrate to the new platform without much hassle.Mark Portu, President and CEO of FeedRoom, realizes that video's importance within organizations is growing, and he is determined to give those organizations the tools to optimize their video publishing process: “With FeedRoom 4.0 EVP, we’re delivering not only the powerful distribution and measurement that has historically defined our solutions, but also the rich design and open integration capabilities that will be essential in more advanced corporate video environments.”The company attributes FeedRoom's success to the open and modular design of this latest release. The latest version of FeedRoom can be integrated into enterprise environments to help fill in the voids, while also allowing these modules to be deployed as stand-alone applications to take care of specific customer needs.

Web Video on the Rise

Demand for online video is quickly rising throughout the Internet as broadband access rapidly spreads throughout the world, possibly, making traditional television obsolete for some. As traditional media move to the Internet, other organizations are realizing the potential as well. Online video is still a very young media format, but there is no telling when it will really take off.FeedRoom appears to be in a great position to provide solutions for those interested in taking the plunge to Web-based video. For more information about FeedRoom, check out their Web site. And for those interested in methods of having video content distributed online, check out CMSWire's coverage of content deliver networks.

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