Mobile Entrée 2.2 Makes Access to SharePoint via Mobile Easier to Implement

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With version 2.2 of Mobile Entrée (newssite), the mobile application development platform for SharePoint, you are now one step closer to customizing mobile access within SharePoint Designer. It's not quite there yet, but here's what is putting them on that path.

There are a number of enhancements in this latest version of Mobile Entrée, many of which are customer driven, which means you are getting the things you really need to provide mobile capabilities in a SharePoint environment.

Support for Large Scale Deployments

SharePoint is implemented in organizations that run the gamut from small businesses to large, multi-national corporations. This means there is a wide range of implementation needs, and the larger enterprises are the most demanding.

H3 Solutions has created what they call Global Mobile Configuration (GMC) templates. Centrally managed, these templates allow administrators to quickly implement mobile access to all sites in a SharePoint environment. Out of the box, Mobile Entrée 2.2 ships with default mobile templates for many SharePoint site types. Of course, if you've modified your version of a SharePoint site, you will also need to extend or modify the GMC template for that site -- and this is possible.

Mobile Workflow

Mobile Entrée 2.2 offers enhanced workflow capabilities as well. Along with supporting SharePoint's out of the box Approval and Feedback workflows, SharePoint Designer workflows are now supported.

Enhanced Workflow capabilities created with SharePoint Designer along with Mobile Entrée allows mobile users to complete workflow tasks so business processes continue to move along.

No Code Mobile Access

The demand by power users to make changes without the need of a developer are being felt everywhere and mobile access is no exception. With that in mind Mobile Entrée 2.2 offers Mobile Data Views, a way to customize mobile access without writing a line of code. These views allow you to define custom views of SharePoint Library and List data.

Learning Opportunities

Mobile Data Views using SharePoint Designer allows for custom mobile views of SharePoint List and Library data. The screen shots show how a contact list item can be rendered with detail information available via two tabs.

This is a first step by H3 Solutions on their path to offering mobile access via SharePoint Designer. There are a couple of free samples for Tasks and Contact Lists available on the website for download.

Mike Herres, of H3 Solutions told us that they have also improved the documentation available to developers creating mobile applications with their platform. You can have a look at that API reference documentation for yourself.

2011 is looking to be an important year for mobile in many aspects. And while many organizations may not be completely ready to implement a lot of functionality on mobile devices, many others are, which means vendors like H3 Solutions will be getting a lot of attention.