Momindum Offers Rich Media Solution for Educators
When technologies vie for a segment of the academic market, they find themselves catering to the few that have the budgets to implement time-saving, innovative products into the classroom. However, many times, although the educational sector lacks the financial resources, it abounds with interest. In that case, they're lucky to find a company like Momindum that offers rich media based classroom tools for free. Momindum serves the learning management needs of companies and educational institutions by providing rich media-based technology for online presentations and webcasts. Recently, they launched Momindum K-base 2.0. It's marketed as the first knowledge management system to capitalize and share Rich Media presentations, created exclusively of deep-tagged contents. Deep-tagging is the process by which video editing technology enables users to select an instant of the video and tag it.

K-base 2.0 Offers Collaboration Via Rich Media

With many of the features captured in K-base 2.0, Momindum is asserting their knowledge management muscle by providing new levels of interactivity and ease-of-use. New features include: * Share the (Video) Instant: Allows the user to share the tagged instant of the video with another user. The user can share the address of a video instant using an internal or external communication medium. * Take A Note: Allows users to take notes while going through a presentation and refer to the notes later on at their convenience. * Ask a Question: Helps learners raise a query or contact the trainer for more explanation on the content watched. The trainer can also enrich the Rich Media learning resource by including the communication with other learners. * Comments: Facilitates discussion among the K-base 2.0 learners and trainers about a topic being studied. * Easy to update: Updates the learning resource while it is still in use, which means uninterrupted access to the learning resource for the learners. In addition, Momindum has also announced its new business Rich Media Web site,, an online version of K-base 2.0, where users can share Rich Media presentations with the entire world for free.

Online Tools Help Educators Engage Students

Educators have many tools to help them simplify the way they access materials and resources, while helping them engage students actively. K-base 2.0 is a manageable way for teachers, among others, to interact dynamically with students in the classroom and beyond. It is another tool that will help to incorporate technology and its wide-reaching benefits without the dramatic and disabling costs. An online demo and tour of K-base 2.0 is available The standard version of Momindum K-base 2.0 is free. K-base 2.0 and an advanced PRO version is available at cost.