Connecting content management and business intelligence Datawatch Corporation -- a company that specializes in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) -- has announced that its web-based report mining and analysis solution, the Monarch RMS (Report Mining Server), is now fully integrated with Hyland Software’s OnBase Enterprise CMS suite. This is nifty news for organizations that need to capture and store information from diverse sources and transfer it to the web in the proper format for faster decision-making. The formidable combination addresses the needs of business managers, connecting business intelligence with content management, driving improved decision making and increased ROI. Based on Monarch’s report mining technology, Monarch RMS turns reports stored in a vendor's report management system into actionable data. From there, you can export to Excel for manipulation, summarize large amounts of data down to ten lines of totals, or even mine the data using OLAP-type tools. Bill Priemer, Hyland's COO, is thinking big. Confident that the integration of OnBase with Datawatch Monarch RMS will provide significant benefits to companies and information workers he claims the product turns heads by “eliminating manual processes, reducing time spent searching for information, simplifying the requirements for custom programming and report writing and dramatically increasing ROI.” And boy do we love dramatic increases of ROI. OnBase boasts over 6,400 installations worldwide and features an array of options to content-and workflow-enable existing assets by linking transactional business documents to software applications. Core OnBase functionality includes content services, document imaging and workflow. The company offers bolt-on modules for records management, BPM, Image Capture and other vertical functionality. Tapping into Monarch via a web browser, users can tweak and transform reports into data tables, charts, graphs, Excel spreadsheets, multi-dimensional cubes for advanced analytics, PDF files or XML forms. Oh, and unlike a lot of business intelligence products, no integration programming is required for installation or use (yay!). The not-so-tech savvy can breath a sigh of relief this morning.