Welcome to Neighborhood America. Named the software industry's "Best Social Networking Solution" for enterprises courtesy the CODiE Awards, Neighborhood America has announced a strategic partnership with Expert System, a leading semantic software provider. Together, the companies will offer a semantic method to monitor and analyze consumer sentiment online, as well as increase advertisement revenue through semantic content matching.

A Partnership with Expert System

The plan is to enable discussions among customers about online services and products. Supported by Expert System's COGITO Monitor and Semantic Advertiser, Neighborhood America will build online communities, while automatically crawling the web, measuring and graphing online input such as trends, sentiment, competitive information and the hottest topics and interests being discussed today -- from millions of Web pages and blogs.

The Benefit of Semantic Analysis in Online Communities

By being able to automatically categorize and monitor sentiment in real time, results can be presented in an analytical and quantitative format. It also allows for relevant advertisements to be connected to the correct content online, leveraging the semantic engine to increase click-through probability. Born out of a need to keep up in "today's ever-changing marketplace," Dan Miller, executive vice president of Neighborhood America, is eager that this partnership can allow customers an opportunity to benefit "by analyzing sentiment and intent within the discussions that occur inside their online communities." Which, in turn, lets users get a better handle on what is working and what isn't.

Neighborhood America Improves Its Services

Neighborhood America currently consists of many diverse "tenants", from Scripps to Fox News, for whom their ELAvate solution has built online and mobile communities to engage consumers, facilitate ongoing dialogue around their brand and gain continued business intelligence. Like villages, it takes a neighborhood to make a difference. Neighborhood America is poised to embrace and serve the needs of the user in an effort to improve the services it delivers. Learn more at