Movable Type Shoots for SaaS with Parallels Play

Six Apart, in an effort to become even more involved in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) movement, has announced that its Movable Type blogging software will soon be available hosting providers that utilize the Parallels Application Packaging standard.With Movable Type on one of these web hosts, consumers will be able to purchase and launch Movable Type-powered blogs in a new, more fluid manner.

The APS format was written by Parallels and gives web hosting providers the ability to provision and install Movable Type on their hosting infrastructure.Since Movable Type is now APS-compliant, the web logging software can be loaded via the Parallels' Plesk control panel.

Learning Opportunities

Many web hosts easily installed blogging software to web hosting customers today using WordPress, an open source competitor to Movable Type.Today’s news from Six Apart will give those who want to launch a blog yet another choice.

It is no surprise that Six Apart is trying to become more entrenched in the Software-as-a-Service model.This hosted service model is attractive for software vendors and consuming companies as well.For the software vendors, they can gain a recurring regular flow of income.On the flip side, consumers of hosted applications can set up software environments cheaply and quickly with limited IS support.