It’s raining cloud solutions, folks. LTech’s (news, site) latest baby is a tool called LTech CloudMove, which automates moving SharePoint documents to the cloud.

From SharePoint to Google

Using CloudMove to migrate your documents from SharePoint to Google seems simple. Start by opening up CloudMove and logging into Google Apps: 


CloudMove login 

The next few steps are just as easy--simply select what you want to upload and choose the repository you want to upload to. As LTech says, this kind of tool is especially useful for organizations that are implementing mixed portal solutions from both Google and Microsoft platforms. Also, by allowing automated sizable uploads, tools like CloudMove can save IT organizations both time and money. Yum.

"We are seeing a larger number of SMBs making the move to the cloud," noted LTech's CTO Ed Laczynski. "The catalyst being the cost benefits provided. E-mail and collaboration is the initial first step but is often proceeded by the exploration of moving applications and infrastructure." 

Ten Big Ones

LTech's CloudMove will run you US$ 10 per user per year, but it's only offered to Google Apps Premiere or Education customers. Already in that category? Check out the free trial