NetVibes Enters Enterprise via Sage Software
As we saw at the Enterprise 2.0 conference last week, we’re sitting on a rapidly growing pile of internal tools, databases, client media, feeds, Web 2.0 networks and applications.

There’s no sign that growth will slow or stop anytime soon, so, to help the smaller guys manage the mountain, Netvibes and Sage ERP X3 are working together to bring small to mid-sized companies new innovations for managing and personalizing the workforce environment.

“While the enterprise software industry continues its march towards complexity, we hope to bring the focus back to the user by making everyday enterprise business processes easier to manage with innovations such as Netvibes personal dashboard technology,” said Emmanuel Obadia, Sr.VP Sage ERP X3 & FRP.

Essentially, the two companies hope to bridge the gap between professional enterprise tools and personal Web 2.0 applications and content by combining Sage's business software expertise with Netvibes' personal dashboard publishing know-how. 

"Employees aren't asking for tools to make their workdays more complicated,” explained Freddy Mini, CEO, Netvibes. “Instead, businesses looking for ways to make things simpler and easier for employees to manage many different tasks at once...”

Joint development on this kind of one-stop personal workspace has reportedly already begun, and is scheduled to be presented in Q1 2010. Interested? Visit Netvibes or Sage for additional information.