Neudesic (news, site) is yet another company that offers enterprise-level social communication tools, but the new Pulse 1.2. aims to differentiate itself from the masses with a special focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. 

Last we checked in with Pulse, Neudesic was introducing their enterprise collaboration platform's social and real-time features:

  • Create topical pages that are viewable by the entire organization, or only specific people using security settings
  • Follow people or systems to receive event updates
  • Search for topics, people, pages or systems to quickly find information
  • Connect to each other from the office or on the road with devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7

Admittedly, it looked and sounded pretty run-of-the-mill:


Let Me Upgrade Ya 

This week's release of Neudesic Pulse 1.2 is much like Socialcast in that it brings the conversation into the environment you're working in, rather than require users to learn a new application. Specifically, this release adds rich integration capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, including the ability to follow and interact with accounts, opportunities, leads, and people from within the CRM interface itself. (Think of it sort of like Chatter to Salesforce.) 


In addition to microblogging fun, Neudesic Pulse 1.2 features a handful of other perks for sharing thoughts and ideas, files and images, and for asking questions and discovering answers. 

Pulse IQ, the release's biggest feature, enables users to ask and answer questions, and then uncover company experts by voting on the validity of replies: 


Other features include:

  • Invitations – Extend your community through Windows Live ID log in for users without an Active Directory log in
  • Notifications – Always see the latest activity in Pulse with Notifications about replies, answers to your questions, updates to system feeds, or any other response tied to your activity in Pulse
  • On-premise and cloud hosting: Organizations now have a choice for how Pulse is hosted – the ease of hosting in the cloud, or on-site hosting if cloud security is a concern.

"We're very excited about the value Neudesic Pulse 1.2 brings to organizations, especially those with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, " said Neudesic's General Manager of Product Development, Jason Noble. "CRM users will appreciate the level of context Neudesic Pulse can add to their data. No longer is an account a 'flat' entity... you can immediately collaborate with the team about account history, ideas to win the deal and updates to customer satisfaction issues. This rich social collaboration environment can take place either from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or within the Neudesic Pulse standalone UI." 

What's New Here?

Neudesic isn't the first company to bring microblogging to Microsoft (Vibe did that earlier this month) nor are they the first social enterprise platform to focus on uncovering company experts (Socialcast just added a fairly robust feature called Town Hall, specifically designed for executive communication), but what is less common here is where the application lives. While most collaboration tools must be accessed separately, Neudesic Pulse operates within established environments. It'll be interesting to see which method enterprise bees prefer.