Open source enterprise content management provider, Alfresco (news, site) , has joined forces with Jive Software (news, site) to bring content management into the realm of social software.

Integrating Social & Content Management

Seeing a content management vendor and a social software vendor work together to integrate their respective platforms shouldn't really be a surprise, it just makes sense. A lot of content can be produced within a social software environment that needs to be properly managed. It does seem a little odd that it's Alfresco and Jive Software considering Jive's past view on open source. Of course those views were directed at a competitor (Drupal) and not a complimentary solution.

And in this case, it's Alfresco's enterprise version 3.4 (which is built on open source technologies, but is not an open source offering) that is being integrated with the help of Jive partner SolutionSet. SolutionSet has built a CMIS-based connector that enables organizations using Jive's platform to manage enterprise content within it.

Connector Features

This is a tight integration that allows cross-platform, bi-directional creation and management of content:

  • Cross Platform Publishing: Create documents in either platform and have them published into the other platform. Existing documents currently in Alfresco can also be pulled into the Jive environment.
  • Common User Database and Taxonomy: To ensure consistency with document authors, the two platforms will use a shared user database and taxonomy connecting via LDAP.
  • Permissions Mapping: ACLs will be mapped and synchronized across the two systems ensuring that access to documents is consistent across the platforms.

Alfresco's Drive for Social Content Management

Alfresco announced its intentions to be a social content management provider in late January when it released Alfresco Enterprise 3.4. The features that would make it social were light, but it was a start. This partnership with Jive is another step towards Alfresco's goal of being more social.

Jive is certainly a good choice for partnership as it is one of the most well known social software vendors in the market having grown from a little known community software provider to an enterprise level solution in only a few years.

Just the Start, We Hope

The connector isn't available yet, but is expected soon. What we hope is that this is just the beginning of the integration between the two platforms. It would be nice to see a document created in Jive kick off some workflow processes in Alfresco. And it would be nice to see Jive features surfaced within the Alfresco content management interface, maybe even some synchronization between Jive and Alfresco Share. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless.