Nexsan Technologies Green Digital Storage Archival Solutions
Nexsan, a storage solutions provider, has announced Assureon 6.0, the latest version of an energy-efficient and long-term storage solution. This is the first green archive-as-a-service solution for the storage industry, and it will allow users to easily manage secure and efficient archives. Corporations interested in an external archive-as-a-service model might be interested in Nexsan's offerings.

Storage with No Limits

Nexsan breaks new grounds by eliminating object count limits that are typical with content addressable storage archives. Regardless of whether a user has a single file or a million files, Assureon 6.0 is able to handle an unlimited amount files -- for some corporations, terabytes of data storage means little, if the amount of files able to be stored is restricted. Now that users can throw as many files as they desire at Assureon, those servers also need to hold all of that data. Nexsan opted to go with a virtual file system method of accomplishing data management. The company believes that this approach is much more economical and efficient to storage than other archive-as-a-service methods in use today. Customers have their own independent and secure content addressable storage (CAS) archives that are emulated through virtualization, but it works just as well. There are also several other features provided with Assureon 6.0 that corporations can take advantage of: * Data separation * Access audit trail * Fingerprint integrity * Self-auditing and self-healing * Longevity * File availability audit * Auto retention and deletion Many solutions for digital asset management exist, but Assureon brings some new functionality to the table. Those interested in additional information about the features and functionality -- as well as pricing and availability -- of Nexsan's flagship product can be located on Assureon's official product page.