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Jive Software Social Business Software
Jive has been in the communities/social software space for over eight years now, starting back when the spirit of reaching out and collaborating hadn't started to take hold. Today they claim they have the next big techology solution for the enterprise and they have staked their communities software name on it. Say goodbye to Clearspace and hello to the Social Business Software Application Suite - Jive SBS 3.0.

The (Little) Big Company

Jive was founded in 2001 as an open source solutions vendor. 2008 was a groundbreaking year for them seeing a 70% growth year over year, the addition of 200 new customers, a new executive team and organization and some major funding from Sequioa Capital.

They call themselves the (Little) Big Company and they have developed a new strategy that is designed to extend their reach into the enterprise market. That new leadership strategy has three components:

  1. Create the first purpose-built, enterprise-class, Social Business Software application suite - Jive SBS 3.0 (see corresponding release).
  2. Build an enterprise go-to-market model for selling, servicing and supporting the most demanding Global 2000 companies and governments.
  3. Create the Jive Industry - the largest collection of strategic technology, application, and services partners in the SBS market.

“The bad economy is driving executives to invest in new ways get business done,” said Dave Hersh, CEO of Jive. “Social Business Software is the first new application category to appear in over a decade that delivers a real breakthrough in cost, productivity, and competitive advantage. Jive is the first SBS company with a complete strategy for meeting the needs of Global 2000 companies and governments.”

Social Business Software

Jive went to 62 companies to find out what they were doing with social software and what their business objectives were. What did they find? They found that this type of software was being used primarily in four strategic areas: Employee engagement, Marketing/Sales, Innovation and Support.

What did they do with this new information? They redesigned their solution to help meet the needs of these four strategic areas.

Jive has said goodbye to the Clearspace and Clearspace Community brands and hello to the Social Business Software application suite v3.0. Now keep in mind they didn't get rid of the Clearspace functionality, just the name. Here's a look under the covers of SBS 3.0:


Jive SBS v3.0

In the diagram above, the Clearspace and Clearspace Community functionality has been incorporated into the foundation of SBS3.0. This is not new functionality. What is new are the Modules and Application Centers.

According to Jive, Social Business Software is the new "business architecture" and the new community is the "social capital marketplace" where intellectual capital plus relationships will lead to rapid results.

The Bridging of Internal and External Communities

Jive no longer believes in the separation of internal and external communities. Instead, SBS 3.0 takes a holistic view and bridges employee collaboration with partner and customer communities in a single application suite.

With their new Bridging technology you can easily drag and drop widgets into your view that contain information from various communities (marketplaces) outside of your company. This technology can also help you connect to CRM and content management systems.


Jive SBS 3.0 - Bridging

It is the bridging of the internal and external that is the key differentiator for the new Jive SBS 3.0. "This ‘bridge&rsquo; is unique to Jive SBS and presents the first opportunity for companies to create a singular conversation among its key constituents&quot;</p><p>Other Modules in SBS 3.0 include:</p><ul><li><strong>Analytics</strong>: Publish analytics data to a data warehouse or other business monitoring tools</li><li><strong>Insights:</strong> Detailed reporting on engagement and sentiment, providing quantitative ROI metrics</li><li><strong>Video:</strong> It's YouTube for the Enterprise - secure rich video capabilities which include tagging and sharing</li><li><strong>Social Bookmarking:</strong>&nbsp;Includes both internal and external bookmarks, shares them company</li></ul><h2><figure class="image-with-caption " style='max-width:600px;' data-float="none"><img height="614" width="600" alt="analyticsJive.jpg" src="~/media/575af185b795483e9ea71f51cd94027b.jpg"></figure><br><em>Jive SBS 3.0 - Analytics</em><br><br>Miles Ahead of the Competition?</h2><p>It is interesting that if you ask Jive about the competition, they don't talk about the Community Solution providers like <a href="http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-20/telligent-jive-top-the-list-of-community-platforms-003750.php">Telligent</a> and Awareness. They talk about IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. They also say that big guns like IBM and Microsoft are unfocused, have a high TCO and are constantly behind the curve.</p><p>They also don't really see competition with <a href="http://www.cmswire.com/cms/web-cms/">Web Content Management</a> vendors, even though many of these vendors are including social media capabilities. But again this is because they aren't about communities, but about social capital marketplaces -- about the business.</p><div class="article-body-webinars-placeholder">null</div><p>They do see more integration between Web CMS and social software, indicating that this integration will become much more critical. They also intend to continue to offer <a href="http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-cms/sharepoint-gets-social-with-partners-002749.php">integration solutions to SharePoint</a>, while at the same time offering SBS 3.0 as an alternative -- without some of the things SharePoint does.</p><p>Are they really in a different ball park than most of the other social software vendors who market their solutions as community solutions? Yes and no.</p><p>Yes because they offer an integrated view of the internal and external world. You don't see that capability much with the exception of integrated activity streams.</p><p>No because you can call it anything you want, but a marketplace is still a community - and that is what people understand best.</p><p>Can Jive change that thinking and bring a new set of terms to the world of social computing? It's possible.</p><h2>Get Ready for the Social Capital Marketplace</h2><p>Jive SBS 3.0 will be available by the end of the month. SBS 3.0 is Java-based and enterprise stack neutral. It is offered as both a hosted and on premise solution. It also provides you with the ability to switch back and forth between the two.</p><p>This is the biggest announcement to come from Jive in awhile. Learn more about the Social Business Software Suite <a href="http://www.jivesoftware.com/">on their website</a>. Go for a test drive and see if this marketplace is exactly what they are saying it is: the next big enterprise software suite.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>