Open Source CMS Websites Get Social with KickApps

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KickApps Provides Social Media Solutions to Open Source CMS
Are you running an open source WCM website that needs a little social interactivity? You can get with it KickApps. The SaaS social media solutions provider has been working hard to provide their services to open source content management solutions like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. You can learn all about it at the Linux World Expo in San Francisco next week.It's rare to have a website today that doesn't have some form of social media technology. Whether it be user-generated content, video, blogs, social networking, you are either using it or looking to use it. For many content management vendors, instead of building their own -- or in addition to building their own -- they are integrating with well-known providers of these services.Integration is the case with KickApps and open source CMS providers Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, particularly through the use of a number of single-sign on plugins.If this interests you at all, then head to the Linux World Expo next week and find the KickApps Developer Lounge. There will be a number of KickApps, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress gurus there to demonstrate how you can integrate social media into your content managed websites.Here's the list of sessions you can expect:* August 5th 2PM – 3PM: Integrating Drupal with KickApps - Open discussion about integrating social & media applications into your Drupal powered website.* August 6th 2 – 3PM : Integrating Joomla with KickApps - Open discussion about integrating social & media applications into your Joomla powered website.* August 7th 1230PM: Social Media & Open Source Open DiscussionIf you can't make Linux World, the Developer Section of their website should provide you with the information you need.KickApps is definitely making a lot of noise these days with news of service enhancements and vendor integrations that help provide additional services like instant messaging and live chat. So what's next guys?If you want to learn a little more about Linux World, see their website.