v3.2 is Fast, Secure and MS Office-Friendly (news, site) – an open source alternative to Microsoft Office – is now out with version 3.2, boasting faster startup times and Office 2007 compatibility.  

For Windows/Mac/Linux 

The OpenOffice suite is pretty basic, offering components like word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, and formula and database capabilities.

Version 3.2 attempts to improve those components via Calc spreadsheet alterations and a usability makeover. Meanwhile, startup times have reportedly increased by over 40 percent, and improvements around importing and support for password-protected and 2007 Office files have been made as well. 

OpenOffice 3.2 also touches on some previous security issues. A total of seven vulnerabilities have been fixed, some of which could be exploited to inject and execute code (details here from the dev team).

"For me, what matters most is that our users are happy," said Michael Meeks pf "We fixed loads of bugs, little crawly, nasty, wiggly ones that sometimes caused crashes but also some missing features. For me, that's quite exciting that the quality is improving and continuing to get better."

Good for OpenOffice

This release follows's milestone of hitting 300 million downloads over the course of its 10-year history. 

"Some people are currently locked in to other personal productivity tools - maybe by corporate IT policy, or by tie-in to other legacy software. For everyone else, we want to be the 2010 office software of choice, and 3.2 takes us another step towards that goal," said Florian Effenberger, marketing project lead of

Check out the full list of nitty gritty updates here, or download (for free!) here