Web 2.0 Strategy, O'Reilly Books
Have we learned all we need to know about Web 2.0 and how it impacts our organizations? O'Reilly thinks not and so has decided to enlighten us with a new book on the subject: Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide -- Business Thinking and Strategies Behind Successful Web 2.0 Implementations The book is authored by Amy Shuen, a strategy researcher and internationally recognized authority on Silicon Valley business models and innovation economics. Her goal is to help organizations get past all the "buzz and hype" and understand how Web 2.0 principles can help their organizations be successful. Chapters start with covering the basic principles and the provide real-life examples of organizations putting those principles to work. Some of the chapters in the book sound enticing: * Users Create Value * Networks Multiple Effects * People Build Connections * New Recombines with Old The final chapter includes a 5-step plan to embed Web 2.0 business models into your organization. "You're already an integral part of the Web 2.0 business economy," Shuen explains. "Every time you click on Google, Wikipedia, eBay, or Amazon, you are sparking 'network effects.' If you use a Flickr-enabled cell phone or tune in to iTunes podcasts or check Yahoo! Finance for stock quotes, you are creating monetizable value for businesses--even if you don't actually buy anything." Note this is not a book about Web 2.0 technologies per se, but about the effect implementing these technologies can have on an organization's bottom line. It's a strategy book after all. You can purchase the book on O'Reilly's Site or just view a detailed table of contents. Another nice feature is that you can purchase a single chapter out of the book, if there's one that really interests you. Mind you, the book only costs US$ 24.99 -- so it's hard not to just buy the entire package.