Do you know where you should be on May 29? Why in San Diego of course. Attending the Enterprise 3 conference and learning lots of stuff about portals, collaboration and Web 2.0. Come on now, embrace the enterprise and take a walk along the yellow brick road. This isn't the first year for this event, but the name might throw you. Apparently it use to be called the "IIR Portals, Collaboration and Content conference". The event is chaired by Colin White of BI Research. In his opening notes on the web site he says, "The objectives of Enterprise3 are to enable companies to improve productivity, reduce costs, and become more competitive by providing business users, employees, partners and customers with the easy-to-use applications and interfaces they need to access and share business information and expertise, and collaborate about all aspects of their jobs." The conference is divided in to three primary tracks: # Enterprise Web and Information Management Conference - Enterprise Web # Enterprise Web and Information Management Conference - Information Management and Access # Enterprise Portal & Collaboration Business Summit Day 1 is a sort of pre-conference day where you get to learn things like: * Selecting Enterprise Content and Collaboration Technologies * Capturing Web Data and Content for the Enterprise * Microsoft SharePoint in the Enterprise - this is a full day forum on day one of the conference - if you think you can handle a full day of pure SharePoint The following 2 days have a number of sessions in each the of three tracks listed above. You get to see presentations by the likes of: * Tony Byrne, CMS Watch: Enterprise 2.0 Technology: A Critical Evaluation * Jarrod Gingras, CMS Watch: Facebook and the Enterprise * Colin White BI Research: Delivering Business Content Using Web Syndication and Data Mashups * Amy Vickers, Avenue A/Razorfish: The Collaboration / Innovation Imperative Now that's just a smattering of what's happening. But by the looks of it, this conference is certainly in with the times. Who should attend? Well from the looks of the list on the conference site, even your little doggie might benefit from a seminar or two. The conference runs May 19-22, 2008 and starts at a mere US$ 1595.00. Go ahead and register, just don't let the tears you cry over the price get in the way of reading your credit card number. Maye the wizard will pay for your ticket.