Precurio 2.1 Personalizes Your Intranet with Free Widgets
Remember Precurio (news, site)? The company released its free enterprise intranet portal software for one-point information access earlier this year. Today they're back in the headlines with Precurio 2.1, an extremely widget-friendly and personalized experience. 

Engagement is everything these days. Accordingly, Precurio 2.1 features an integrated widgets platform that transforms the entire intranet homepage into a container for configurable widgets-- including those from third party software vendors. 

Currently, available widgets include: Task Reminder, My Profile, Quick Poll, Recent Contents, Featured Article, Intranet Ads, Company Links, Staff of the Day, Portal Updates, Suggested Contents and Group Resources.

Precurio 2.1 Demo

Precurio 2.1 features a handful of second-string updates as well:

  • Forums: This module facilitates collaboration on the intranet through online discussions and knowledge sharing. 
  • Anonymous Users: Users can now make certain parts of their intranet accessible to guests without login details, giving your intranet some extranet-like capabilities. 
  • Multilingual Support:  Version 2.1 includes the Spanish language. 
  • New Theme: Broadcast your intranet upgrade with Maxi, a new theme built on the ol' Midnight theme.

“Precurio 2.1 is a response to the feedback from our community. Customers will now have more control over their intranet start page and our developer community will be really pleased at the new widgets framework.” said Shola Akinlade, Co founder, Klein Devort.

Interested? It's still free. You can get more details here, or there's a nifty demo you can try out here. Don't see something you'd like to see? Precurio has a reputation of listening really closely to suggestions from their audience. Don't be shy