Pringo Enterprise Online Community Software
Pringo, a developer of online community software, recently launched a beta version of Pringo 3.0, a non-hosted social networking platform that will allow enterprises to create and manage social platforms. Version 3.0 allows organizations to integrate outside applications or data into Pringo with a newly created extension structure. The latest version also includes an Intranet solution, enhanced security, integration with Google Apps and a lot more.

New Features

Pringo 3.0, which allows customers to integrate online communities into websites, makes it possible for organizations to integrate any third-party software into the Pringo platform. For example, customers can opt to replace the proprietary bulletin board within Pringo with an alternative like vBulletin.
Pringo Enterprise Online Communities

Pringo running on eHarmony

Another new addition is an Intranet solution that will enable organizations to boost collaboration with co-workers. The company claims that these features can increase personnel productivity while improving training capabilities and communication. "We continue to see extremely high demand for our community platform, and with v3.0 we are providing our customers with further flexibility and an Intranet solution to complement their internal operations," stated Majid Abai, CEO of Pringo. "Enterprises can now use whichever applications they are most comfortable with, while relying on a single platform to streamline their external and internal communications." Along with other features like enhanced security and integration with Google Apps, Docstoc and QuoteMedia, Pringo is excelling at providing businesses with useful and collaborative tools that will surely be appreciated by new and existing customers. More detailed information about what Pringo can accomplish for enterprises can be found here. Also, Pringo's website is a great place to begin, if you are interested in learning about this product.