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  • 3 Basic Business Values of Customer Communities

    3 Basic Business Values of Customer Communities

    Online, customer-facing social communities are offering more options and greater complexity than ever before. But what are the core business values to keep in sight? To find out, spoke to a software vendor and an analyst.  Last month, San Mateo, Calif.-based DNN released the latest version of Evoq Social

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  • Telligent Buys Zimbra from VMWare

    For all the talk about email being dead, social collaboration tools sure do seem to lean pretty heavily on it, and email is exactly what Zimbra brings to Telligent after it was bought out from VMWare this week. Asocial Email Telligent is a collaboration specialist, and it allows customers

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  • W3C Reports on Future of Social Networking

    World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released a report on the future of social networking. Based on a workshop convened by the W3C in January, which attempted to bring together industry actors to foster discussion, analyze risks and opportunities of the social networking industry and define plans for the future of

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  • Pringo 3.0 Brings More Enterprise 2.0 Features

    Pringo, a developer of online community software, recently launched a beta version of Pringo 3.0, a non-hosted social networking platform that will allow enterprises to create and manage social platforms. Version 3.0 allows organizations to integrate outside applications or data into Pringo with a newly created extension structure.

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