A new-ish collaboration tool Agreedo allows users to make plans available to online colleagues to better prepare, run and manage meetings and teams.

Agreedo Fires First

Having opened to the public back in July, Agreedo offers a Web 2.0 method for enterprises to plan and prepare for their meetings. From invites, agenda creation and pre- and during-meeting commenting, it is all handled in a plain and obvious manner.

From the simple features like a timer to keep track of how long the meeting has been running to slick ones like an agenda creator, to ensure everyone stays on topic, it is packed with practical features. Beyond the meeting, tasks created during your conversations can be added to the collaboration section and assigned workers can provide updates and comments as the task progresses so all participants can monitor it to completion.

Handling the Truth

With this open, all user approach, the minutes for each meeting can be created from the agenda and attendee's input and responses, so no one can complain about what was noted. Notes from previous meetings can be referred to in subsequent ones and be exported to .CSV file if you need to keep local copies.

All data is encrypted over SSL, keeping the details of meeting relatively safe and secure. Agreedo meeting links can be pasted into Outlook or Lotus Notes invites and it can run alongside existing meeting software like WebEx or Communicator.


Keep those meetings on track with Agreedo's direct approach to collaboration

Just The Essentials

Participants can create Decisions, Tasks and Topics during a meeting and enter in any information they need to help flesh out the details. You can add attachments for others to download, but otherwise, there is limited integration with other apps, but for a free-to-use product, it offers a smart solution to the problem of distributed meetings.