Alfresco Enterprise CMS
Every week, it seems, there's a big announcement from Alfresco. Last week 2.9 came out, offering integration with iGoogle and Adobe Flex. A little bit before that, the company released a cheeky Facebook hookup that turned heads. And in between announcements, Alfresco has been boasting to anyone who'll listen about how great the product is, ragging mercilessly on Sharepoint, and generally acting like drunken cowboys in a frontier saloon.The British developer has a big mouth, but they also have big ideas, and some kind of magical app-building framework which enables them to rattle off integrated products at lightning speed. The latest of these is not quite as sexy, on the face of it, as the Facebook hookup. But in terms of its implications for the collaboration portal industry, i.e. for Microsoft, it could prove to be the killer app which takes Alfresco into the big time. The product in question is the integrated Red Hat/Alfresco Team Collaboration Solution for SMBs requiring collaboration, information sharing, and content management. Available only from Red Hat Exchange, the solution delivers Alfresco Enterprise to Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform. JBoss Enterprise Portal has a lot of nice, clean, customizable functionality. Alfresco has the raw, Enterprise-scale CMS power. Put them together, and that's a big product. A product that will support the one-click building of portals for employees, extranets for customers and partners, and collaboration spaces. But there's more, the Team Collaboration Solution will also offer web CMS functionality from within the portal environment. The JBoss platform is open source and designed to be expanded with modules and portlets. So who knows what other capabilities will ultimately be thrown into the hat. The product is already sitting on the shelves over at Red Hat Exchange, the marketplace that Red Hat launched in March to sell third-party products. And if you want to know how much it costs, you'll have to go over there and give the secret knock, or secret handshake, or whatever. Then come back here and tell me how much and how you found out, because darned if I can figure that website out. Take the JBoss Portal for a test drive here. Then get a taste of what the Alfresco hookup will mean for the product here. If you still want more, go to Alfresco here and tell them that we at CMSWire told them to take one of these. It's not all work, work, work, fellas!