Alfresco Enterprise CMS
The release of Alfresco 2.9 is imminent, and word on the street is that the new upgrade will feature integration capabilities with several of your favorite web applications. The news comes less than a fortnight after Alfresco announced integration capability for Facebook, news which doubtless prompted innumerable Enterprise CMS developers to choke on their morning cereal with anguish because they hadn't thought of it first.The apps in question with which Alfresco 2.9 integrates are: * iGoogle * MediaWiki * Adobe's Flex 2 Framework Meanwhile the big nobs at the company have taken a cold slice at SharePoint, calling the preeminent collaboration and document management platform "slow and not scalable", and "hard to program and extend." That may all be true, but did their mothers never tell them that if they can't say anything nice, that they should not say anything at all? Shame on them. They must know they've taken just the same sort of criticism themselves a time or two. But then Alfresco are latterly giving off a somewhat ruthless, hyper-ambitious air. According to Ian Howells, chief marketing officer: "We've created an environment that enables us to integrate to other tools rapidly ... so we can innovate quickly, not in 12- to 18-month release cycles. Facebook was not big 12 to 18 months ago." It will be interesting indeed to see what Alfresco does with their Web Scripts integration toolkit next. I'm betting on a linkup with MOSS... any takers? (Insert evil snicker here.) They wouldn't be the first. In related news, Bitnami has just released an installation stack which is supposed to greatly simplify Alfresco deployment -- go here for details and downloads. And stay tuned as we unwrap more details from a recent chat with Alfresco execs.