Social media can facilitate great conversations. Yet, for those in highly regulated industries, social media often hinders their ability to stay compliant and relevant. While not all social networks can be altered to provide secure and monitored access, some are making strides. Case in point: Actiance (formerly FaceTime Communications), which monitors and captures social media communications for archival, has joined forces with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn + Actiance = Social Media Compliance

The partnership provides Actiance with access to LinkedIn’s private API so Actiance’s customers can leverage the benefits of LinkedIn without the risk of being incompliant. The collaboration works to ensure that the conversations and connections on the social networking platform are safe, secure and compliant, allowing Actiance to archive, monitor and log activity from any device.

Social media comes with a certain expectation of transparency, so it’s always interesting to learn about how companies and industries that need to regulate their employees’ access to open platforms are making it work. While some choose to ignore it and restrict access, others will choose to look for innovative ways to leverage its benefits while controlling its risks.

Control > Transparency

Actiance’s partnership helps give some control back to the businesses by letting them set custom policies to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate information leakage risks and ensure that e-Discovery needs are met. For companies that require more control than others, relinquishing oversight to the power of social media can be daunting. Fortunately for some, they can strike a balance that allows them to be social, but compliant as well.