SAP Betas, A Google Wave Competitor
“Imagine a virtual war room,” says SAP (news, site) of their upcoming potential Google Wave competitor. The private beta version of the cloud-based application (codenamed Constellation) is called 12Sprints, and promises to expedite the decision making process for business users with pre-defined tools.

WAR! What Is It Good For?

Developed by SAP's Business Objects division, Constellation skips the social tip that Wave used as their first stepping stone, and instead is aimed straight for the enterprise.

While it’s true that at their most basic forms both applications piece together fundamentally different media under one umbrella, SAP’s solution comes from a bit of a contentional angle by attempting to foster debates with access to widgets for cost and benefits analysis and pro and con tables. Designed for clusters of five to thirty users, Constellation will reportedly also be able to publish and access data in on-premise applications like wikis and SharePoint.

Marketed as “the next step in business intelligence”, Constellation actually looks like it’s poised to provide the link that Google Wave is arguably missing, rather than duke it out. But various companies have already figured out ways to use Wave effectively in their work environment, so it’s natural to wonder if SAP’s lack of a social stance will help or hurt them in the end.

Working Together

There’s really not much information on the application out there yet, but word is that SAP is eager to see how the two products can eventually work together. In any case, it will certainly be interesting to see how this craze for the cloud plays out, and, as always, the continued focus on collaboration, larger communities and the death of the inbox is something worth noting.

Curious? So are we. Sign up to participate in the free Beta program for 12Sprints and if you’re a lucky winner, come back and give us the dirt.