Social software isn't known for having web content management capabilities built in. Instead they integrate with other software to provide this need. For Telligent's social software, Four Roads (news, site) has just updated their integrated Web CMS solution Scribus. Let's look at what's new in 2.6. 

No Coding, Fully Customizable 

Two things we always like to hear when it comes to web content management. Scribus 2.6 offers both. Plugging directly into the Telligent Community (the public facing version of Telligent) and integrating with Telligent evolution (the platform), Scribus 2.6 adds the following functionality:

  • Design new pages for Telligent Community Server
  • SEO friendly pages and URLs
  • An extensible content architecture
  • Create reusbale content parts
  • A number of out the box widgets including related content, tag clouds, comments and more


Scribus 2.6 - Edit Templates

Formerly known as CS Publisher, which we last looked at in April of last year, Scribus 2.6 takes advantage of Telligent's secure, extensive platform. We told you about Telligent evolution, the underlying platform that includes an API built on web services and REST, enabling partners to build solutions that integrate and add capabilities to both the internal and external solutions, a while ago.


Scribus 2.6 - Edit Page

We asked Rob Howard, CTO and Founder of Telligent (newssite), about the new release from Four Roads and he had this to say: 

Social tools are part of the fabric for how organizations work, and will be increasingly so in the future. This is why integration with other tools is key. Scribus is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that integrates with the Telligent platform. Four Roads has worked with Telligent since the beginning, even contributing software research and development. They have years of knowledge, experience and technical savvy, and are able to offer extensions specifically tailored to Telligent’s platform.

Because Scribus is integrated into Telligent, you manage your content pages within the Telligent control panel, including incorporating widgets, adding workflow, managing navigation and more.

A Scribus license will run you about US$ 6,000, but there are discounts for multiple licenses. Definitely a solution to look at if you are using Telligent for your community software or considering using it.