Semantra v. 2.5
Semantra recently released v. 2.5 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tool allows users to enter commands in a search box to quickly retrieve information from enterprise data bases, thereby improving communication between human and machine, and speeding up productivity.

Semantra 2.5 Enhancements

* Ubiquitous Data Access: Effortlessly searches all CRM sales, services and marketing data plus customized tables and fields. * Summary Analytics: Collects and summarizes data according to specific search criteria. * Embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Launches Semantra within the CRM application via single sign on or launched separately from the desktop browser. * Results Link Back to CRM: Gives users instant access to all CRM record detail directly from a result set. * Linking to Public Data: Plug-ins facilitate easy linking from result sets to public data including maps, professional networking sites and business reports. * Improved Comprehension: Enhanced "Did you mean" capability provides helpful suggestions when inquiry is mistyped or not understood. * Customized Result Sets: The Hide/Show Data function allows users to modify results for better decision making.

Semantra is for Everyone

With Semantra's understanding of linguistics, conceptual modeling and relational theory, their extension and improvement of traditional Business Intelligence and enterprise search empowers business users with real time, common language commands and requests currently unavailable through fun-of-the-mill Business Intelligence (BI) or enterprise search tools. Claiming they “significantly improve the value of any enterprise business application” Semantra basically exists to help everyone, especially people with little technological experience, communicate better with their machines and get more done in less time. Hey, a company dedicated to making it possible to work less at work? That's what we like to hear! The release of v. 2.5 will undoubtedly excite a lot of business folk. Lee House, president of I.B.I.S Inc. and already enamored with Semantra said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Semantra. Having worked directly with the product and witnessing the value-add of the new and enhanced features, we are extremely pleased to extend this offering to our customers.” The cherry on top -- the first 15 Semantra 2.5 customers will receive an unconditional money back guarantee.