Mobile Entrée (newssite) has a tight focus on the SharePoint market with optimized interfaces for the smartphone.  And now it has expanded that focus ever so slightly to include tablets, like the iPad.

Catering to the Tablet Market

Mobile Entree 2.3 came out this week and the newest update is all about the tablet. There is a new panel system in the framework that will enable SharePoint 2010 to work on tablets like the iPad and Motorola's Xoom.

This new system means that you can continue to create one interface and have it viewable on different smartphones or tablets. The panel system works for both out the box applications (like shown below) and custom applications.


According to Mike Herres, CEO of Mobile Entree, Mobile Entree's API will allow developers to create any look and feel for the tablet without having to develop a separate smartphone interface.

Additional Updates to Mobile Entree

While tablet support may be the big ticket news for this release, it isn't the only update. Along with tablet support, users of Mobile Entree can now save, share and download site templates. This allows developers to create templates for their mobile solutions that can be used across different applications providing a consistent design. A new Health Check utility is also in this release providing administrators with a report on server capabilities.

Herres also told us that 2.3 also provides support for a couple of languages including: German, French and Italian. This is the first time we've seen Mobile Entree support anything other than English and should be an important capability for its growth in the market.

Getting Tight With Microsoft

They must be doing something right, because Microsoft is signed them on to provide their mobile framework to 23 Microsoft Technology Centers around the world.

Our customers are increasingly asking for mobile SharePoint solutions” Says David McDonald Sr. Technology Architect, Reston MTC “We are pleased and excited to have Mobile Entrée as a part of the Microsoft Technology Center Solution Set. This rich solution is fully integrated into SharePoint with no other server requirements."

Mobile Entree isn't the only vendor in this market. Chris Wright looked at SharePlus recently. But I think there is more than enough room for both (and more) vendors offering mobile capabilities to SharePoint, especially when its out of the box capabilities aren't great (as Shawn Shell described in February).