When we last spoke of Siteworx, we were at Forrester’s Content and Collaboration Forum discovering how National Public Radio implemented an API along with a brand new digital strategy into the company. Recently, we caught up with Tim McLaughlin, president and founder of Siteworx to learn more about the company behind NPR’s vision.

‘Smart, But Not Cocky’

Siteworx aims to be “smart, but not cocky”, words prominently displayed on their website. It’s a mantra backed up by strategies built upon a strong commitment to research and development. Based in Northern Virginia, Siteworx works across industries to apply web-based enhancements aimed at increasing accessibility, brand management and enterprise content management.

Vision + Open Mind = Success

In our conversation, we discovered that it wasn’t that NPR was an anomaly in the way it approached digital media, for many media companies have a well-defined vision. It’s more that NPR was open-minded about the process, which made changing behaviors easier and reaching their goal more attainable. Facing a short timeline to implement an API, redesign a website and migrate a content management system, Siteworx was extremely lucky that NPR was willing and able to make it happen, as they have a large amount of talent and experience, a great benefit to any company. 

Start Early: The Importance of Research & Development

While companies may think that their vision comes together as soon as an RFP is developed and sent out for review, McLaughlin recommends that companies initiate discussions with prospective agencies well before a RFP is created. Taking the time to ask questions in advance makes deciding what you need and what it takes to get there much easier.

Siteworx also takes the time to ask questions. With a team dedicated to research and development, Siteworx is able to explore the newest trends and experiment with promising technologies so that they and their customers can benefit from the most current and advantageous media and content strategies.

What’s Next?

Siteworx is focused on connecting the dots. With so much overlap between content, knowledge and digital asset management, they are focusing their efforts on search analytics and ediscovery, among other things. Recognizing that the platforms their customers implement are often dependent on their functionality and productivity, Siteworx is keen on developing ways to make content work harder and more strategic.