Skype Puts Video Calls on Your TV Set, and More
Apparently Google isn't the only one headed for the big screen. Recent times highlighted Skype's (news, site) interest in planting its popular video-calling service in your television set. 

Skype initially revealed this expansion at the beginning of this year. "Thanks to our TV manufacturing partners LG and Panasonic, we’ve been able to embed Skype in the latest generation of internet-connected widescreen HDTVs," said the official blog

More details surfaced last week, such as the fact that the TV-compatible webcams needed to chat like The Jetsons are not included with the TVs. For Panasonic sets, the Communication Camera TY-CC10W will run you about US$ 170, and displays video in 720p high definition. Samsung TV owners can buy the US$ 150 Freetalk webcam, but video resolution is only 640 by 480 (VGA). 

Furthermore, Skype reported that an upcoming software development kit will enable third parties to embed Skype in other devices, such as PBX telephone, surveillance, navigational services, PCs, and auto manufacturing products.

“Our vision is that any connected gadget can be a communications device,” said Jonathan Christensen, general manager of Skype’s platform team. “The uses will be broader than what we have now and the integrations will be more creative. This model turns things upside down and lets the developers decide what they want to do.”

Expect more news on future developments early 2011.