SlideRocket (news, site) brings a range of professionally designed slides to users of its web-based presentation tool.

Slide On Over

SlideRocket allows users to create presentations that can be stored in the cloud, and presented on iPhones, iPads and other devices as well as on the traditional desktop PC. They can also use social features such as web meetings to conduct business. To boost the quality of user presentations, the company now offers a range of tuned slide decks for users.

Users of PowerPoint and other presentation tools have a range of templates and a library of web resources to refer to, buy and borrow. SlideRocket ups the ante for the web-based presenter with a new gallery of presentation material compiled from experts in the fields of sales, public speaking and marketing.


Use the slick creation tool to create your presentations

Appeal and Admire

SlideRocket users can take inspiration from the designs and customize them, or use them as-is to create presentations to have an impact on their audience. As well as marketing gurus and the like, the designs have been tweaked by psychologists to appeal to the senses of the audience with use of audio, video, color and design.

With customized graphics and chart presentations, slides will look different and stick in the mind. They can be designed and viewed in the browser via an interface and then shown anywhere using HTML5. Your own graphics, logos and other content can be dropped in using the web-based design tool.


SlideRocket is available in a limited Lite mode for free with 250MB of storage and individual files of up to 15MB, or in Pro mode for US$ 24 a month with a wider range of features including live support, presentation analytics, web meetings and audio narration.