Social Media Gets Injected into Digital Advertising

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Pluck and Razorfish develop social media advertising option
Avenue A | Razorfish has Pluck. Literally. Avenue A | Razorfish, one of the world's largest digital marketing companies, and Pluck Corp., a recognized leader in social media technology, have announced an agreement to develop and market the industry's first offering to inject social media features like customer comments and user-generated content into mainstream digital advertisements.AdLife, as the social advertising service is called, will allow marketers to embed social media technology directly into Interactive Advertising Bureau-standard advertising units that are distributed wherever consumers live in the digital world. After a three-month test with an undisclosed roster of clients, AdLife found its way to market. Born out of a need to facilitate a better and more interactive relationship between consumer and marketer, AdLife will help to generate consumer participation and "social influence" through commercial marketing. Think movie banner turned movie review turned discussion board—all within one click. The two companies bring great resources to the project. Microsoft-owned, Avenue A | Razorfish has extensive expertise in social influence marketing, digital advertising, media planning and buying, user experience design, and analytics, while Pluck is able to provide the scalable technology platform upon which AdLife is built. Whether or not there really is a great demand among consumers to interact with advertisers has yet to be seen. However, here's to the evolution of banner ads, which have become overlooked.