Thinking about starting a Friendster or MySpace for your customers, employees and/or vendors?Don't have the time or resources to build from scratch?Don't worry, Los Angeles-based Social Platform is here to help.Joining the list of recent Web 2.0 Enterprise Applications, the company is rolling an all-in-one, pre-built framework to develop enterprise social network applications.Just bring your great idea, your brand, and a URL, and off you go -- it's even hosted for you.Social Platform Enterprise allows organizations to:* Quickly tap the power of social media without large development efforts* Customize the user experience with an individual look and feel* Integrate with existing assets via web services, custom code, mash-ups, and custom applicationsThe solution includes an ambitious set of features that cover just about everything from content management to the kitchen sink. Highlights are web content management, membership and user management, collaboration tools, multimedia integration, search, promotions, calendars, and of course backoffice administration. The platform enables companies to monetize certain sections of the site, empower vendors to create marketing sites with e-commerce functionality, or reward users for performing specific activities. Additional add-ons include auctions, classified ads, and instant messagingintegration.Social Platform aims to enable their clients to tap into a hosted solution for creating organic communities and applications with few of the implementation headaches. Additional information: such a platform is a timely and bright idea. Social Platform are not alone however with such aspirations. Announced this past Monday at the Le Web 3 conference in Paris, Wikia CEO, Gil Penchina, made a similar announcement. The difference is that Wikia's solution, branded as "OpenServing", is being given away for free. See our article entitled Wikia Launches Free Social Media Platform for details.