Sometimes combining social media and the enterprise mixes as well as oil and water. FaceTime's new product Socialite aims to offer guidelines, security controls and compliance to regulatory standards.

Turn Your Company into a Socialite

FaceTime is a provider of security management and compliance solutions for social networking and unified communication tools. With the new Socialite product, companies can define and enforce their communication policies across audiences, making it easier for workers to engage and maintain secure communications.

Socialite provides control of social media applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies are able to define and set controls for more than 1,000 social networks, helping them to stay in compliance with various rules and regulations. ANother feature of the product is the ability to moderate and archive content shared on social networks to allow only pre-approved content to be posted.

Promote Compliance & Enagement

Available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment or as an on-premise solution (as a module of FaceTime's Unified Security Gateway), Socialite provides a host of features designed to promote adherence and security of social networking.

With Socialite, you can manage your identity, establish single corporate identity and track users across multiple social media platforms. You can also prevent data from leaking inadvertently or on purpose, as well as manage access and control who can read, comment or like content on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

You can also capture and archive all all posts, messages and comments made to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in context.

Overall, Socialite helps to soothe the fears of executives, while enabling employees to engage online in an effort to effectively market, collaborate and engage with some of the most influential online tools. The benefit to companies is usually overwhelming, and now that there is away to manage social presence, companies can start reaping the rewards.

Users can purchase Socialite as a yearly SaaS subscription starting at US$ 12 per user per month for 100 users, or as an on-premise deployment for US$ 5,000 for 100 users.