Lots of exciting releases have been announced at this week's Enterprise 2.0 conference. Among them is Socialtext Connect beta, a new layer in the Socialtext (news, site) enterprise architecture that frees vital information housed within applications.  

Syndication Station

Essentially, Socialtext Connect is a bridge to information inside an app that's traditionally unavailable unless you're a user of the app. Built on open standards, the tool enables companies to access critical info and stream it into Socialtext's social software platform. From there, employees across an organization can view and collaborate.

"Our social software platform creates a social layer that spans departments, geographies and, now, systems," explained Eugene Lee, the CEO of Socialtext. "With Socialtext Connect, events and streams from enterprise applications can be syndicated and fully leveraged, in real-time, across the organization."

Socialtext Connect's Duds

According to the company, Socialtext Connect has three main components:

  • Connector: Socialtext Connect can be hosted in the cloud, as a plug-in or on the enterprise application itself, and utilizes Socialtext's ReST API. Connectors can be built by IT developers, system integrators, and third-party developers, and there are already pre-built Connectors to Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Connections.
  • Signals Annotations: Signals Annotations contains metadata from an enterprise system, and are built to the emerging Twitter Annotations standard.
  • App Bots: An App Bot is a bi-directional software agent that listens for specialized events or information from an enterprise system, a web application or Socialtext, and writes to these applications.

Why For?

The goal here is to get more business value from traditional enterprise applications like CRM and document management systems.When companies are able to offer up information that matters to their internal teams across the board, steady collaboration is the result.

"Next generation social applications need a social layer that can bridge the gap between Enterprise 2.0 and legacy applications," explained Ray Wang, a partner with the Altimeter Group. "Altimeter Group sees the integration of multiple enterprise applications into a social layer as the next major wave of value that customers will derive from Enterprise 2.0."

In addition to supporting on-premise and cloud-based applications, the new Socialtext Connect integrates with popular web-based apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz.

Interested? Sign up for the beta testing program here.