Socialtext Integrates Project Management with Socialtasks #e2conf
As usual, many new technologies and addons are rolling out of this week's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. Among them, an integrated project management tool from Socaltext (news, site). 

Getting the Job Done with Socialtasks

Essentially, Socialtasks aims to enable teams to visualize and manage tasks in a collaborative work environment with three main features: 

  • Page Tracker: The page tracker allows you to record tasks with a status of your choosing, such as "New," "In Progress," or "Complete". The feature's widget (which can be embedded anywhere in the Socialtext platform) contains a column for each status, and displays a link to each matching page. Page links can also be drag and dropped between columns, moving a task from one status to another.
  • Page Watcher Bot: The Page Watcher Bot monitors Socialtext workspace pages for changes in tags. When a change is detected, a signal is posted as a microblog message containing a link back to that page, promoting discussion to take place around each task's progress as it happens.
  • Form Builder: The Form Builder enables you to create wiki pages based on a specific set of fields, rather than entering text onto a page. These wiki pages can provide choices for status, priority, owner, etc. 

"Socialtext is the enterprise social platform where people go to get their work done -- where as with other enterprise social networks you merely talk about doing work," says Eugene Lee, Socialtext's CEO. "With Socialtasks, we want to help teams track the progress of tasks and projects they're working on together, without imposing too much rigidity since every business is different."

Work vs. Play

The Socialtext team promoted similar values back in April of this year when we spoke with Alan Lepofsky, Director of Product Marketing. He explained that social is not just a feature that you tack on to your business systems, but functionality that needs to be integrated into the underlying processes, making it a natural extension of how you work (see our coverage in full here):


This aim is similar to the likes of Chatter and Yammer, two social business platforms that despite claiming different angels, continue to go head to head on the feature front. Yammer, for example, recently added three new integrated business tools that highlight the company's layer-based approach. 

For all you Socialtext fans, Socialtasks will be available to all customers in Q3, and will be available for demo if you're flitting about the Enterprise 2.0 conference.