Socialtext Partner Program Provides Strategic Deployment Practices for Social Software
While enterprises continue to grab up various social software solutions for their internal environments, Socialtext (news, site), a provider of such solutions, is working to increase the business value of their offerings.

Designed to ensure partner success, their new Services Partner Program gathers participants that specialize in different strategic practices for deploying social software. According to Socialtext, the benefits of joining include:

  • Technical support handled by Socialtext,
  • Training on Socialtext product and methodology for organizational traction; access to dedicated secure hosted appliance for internal training purposes; full access to proprietary Socialtext training and rollout materials
  • Opportunities to jointly develop thought leadership, references, and speaking engagements
  • Offer added value by integrating Socialtext and other enterprise systems. Easy integration with legacy systems via ReST API and Open Social widgets

So far, Socialtext's service partner party includes Future Changes, Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0, SiftGroups, SpanStrategies, The Adoption Council and Winkwaves. The company hopes that bringing these folks together will result in more depth and value for customers who either use or want Socialtext to dress up their workflow. 

"For too long, people have missed opportunities because they didn't know which of their colleagues might have information that could help solve a customer's problem or adapt to a change in the market," said Eugene Lee, CEO of Socialtext. "These service partners will help you get up-and-running on our platform in no time, and assist with cultural assessment, project selection and prioritization."

For more information, or to start the certification process, shoot an e-mail over to partners[at]socialtext[dot]com, or check out the partner program website