Socialtext (news, site) stirred the enterprise collaboration pot this morning with the release of a migration tool specifically designed to steal away Yammer users. The offering is free and, to sweeten the deal, using it means you get a discount on Socialtext's business account plan. 

Those who have a free instance of Yammer with more than 100 users can switch to Socialtext Signals for a hosted or on-premise microblogging appliance. The offering (which excludes current Socialtext users) is 20 percent less than Yammer's per user per month list price.

Paid Yammer customers with more than 100 users can use the free migration service, and receive Socialtext Signals and Socialtext People for free for a year if they purchase the entire Socialtext platform for two years.

Let the Battle Begin

“After discovering a free instance of Yammer inside their company, many CIOs and IT directors have told us that they have to pay Yammer just to get control of their data and manage their users," said Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee. "This offering will help them transition microblogging to a more secure social software platform, where they own their data and control how many licensed users they'd like to pay for."

Whether or not Yammer is really as unstable as Socialtext claims is a matter of opinion. Yammer recently tripled its team and landed another US$ 25 million in funding, so, it seems to be doing pretty well. In fact, considering that Socialtext hasn't released a migration tool for any other service, and Chatter went freemium after being told it was the only way to compete with Yammer, we'd say the company is doing really well. 

Last year we saw a huge increase in microblog-based technology, and it looks like that trend will continue well into 2011. Will Yammer become the company to beat?