Innovation Mgt Platform Spigit Picks Up US$ 10 million Funding
When the White House issued guidance that said  Federal agencies should take advantage of social computing software to help them promote an open government, Spigit (newssite), a provider of innovation management solftware, decided to step up and help out.

Crowdsourcing for Citizens

Spigit is making use of the US$ 10 million in funding they picked up late last year by using some of it to continue product development and reach out to more marketing verticals -- like government.

To support Federal agencies at all levels of government to gather suggestions and ideas from both employees and constituents, Spigit has developed CitizenSpigit, a SaaS based innovation management tool. 

Most of the functionality within CitizenSpigit is the same as what you get in the Enterprise version of Spigit including:

  • Idea templates to quickly get something up and running
  • Workflow to move ideas through stages
  • Full set of social software tools such as blogs, wikis, forums, profiles, activity streams and tags
  • An analytics engine plus reporting
  • Reputation scoring/ virtual currency
  • A full API, enterprise authentication and embeddable widgets

 Here's an example of CitizenSpigit:


CitizenSpigit for City of Manor, Texas (

How Is It Different From Enterprise Spigit? 

There are two primary differences between Enterprise Spigit and Citizen Spigit:

Learning Opportunities

  1. CitizenSpigit is externally facing (although it can also be implemented internally for government employees)
  2. It's cheaper -- available at a significant discount to support the budget constraints most government agencies are under (pricing started at US$ 5k per month for unlimited users)

Is It Secure?

If you are wondering about the security of the solution, CitizenSpigit uses HTTPS out of the box. For agencies wanting an internal community set up, there is also authentication via single sign on and behind the firewall implementation.

CitizenSpigit is on the GSA. To see how the City of Manor has used CitizenSpigit to gather ideas for improving city issues, watch this video.

According to Richard Tso, VP of Marketing, Spigit, "we are the only company that provides all three of the following for governments: incentives /rewards, reputation, and comprehensive analytics/reporting." 

Usually we see social software vendors like NewsGator and Jive Software offer modules for innovation, or idea, management. Spigit seems to have done the reverse, adding social tools to their innovation management solution.

What this tells us is the lines between these two types of solutions are blurring and innovation management may be becoming a necessary component of any social computing offering.