Enterprise Collaboration is on every organization's mind these days. How to encourage it, how to improve it. Chess Media Group is looking for your input into how you have used emerging tools and technologies to support enterprise collaboration in your organization.

It's a Learning Process

No one has all the answers packaged up neatly for us all to read and learn from. Every organization is different and has their both their own approach(es) and outcome(s) to enterprise collaboration initiatives.  Emerging technologies -- which we call Enterprise 2.0 -- is a big part of the process.

Chess Media Group has embarked on a new study to gather this information together, especially as it relates to how these technologies are employed. The report will contain four sections:

  1. Section 1: Enterprise Structure
  2. Section 2: Enterprise Maturity in the Organization
  3. Section 3: Sponsorship, Ownership, Business Drivers, and Adoption
  4. Section 4: Financial Performance and Satisfaction

The goal is to provide what Chess Media hopes will become the most comprehensive and widely distributed study on the subject. But they need your help to do that.

Have Your Say

To provide your input/insights, please take time to fill out the survey (it will only take about  5-10 minutes of your time). Your responses are completely confidential and used only for the purposes of this study.

As a thank you for participating, you will be offered several case studies that offer real context to the subject of enterprise collaboration at the end of the survey.

One of the best ways to learn how to improve our collaboration processes is to share our experiences with others. This survey should help you do that. Take the survey now.

The report is expected to be released sometime this summer and will be free.