TeamPage 4.2 Adds Mobile Features, Two Way Email Collaboration
In the first upgrade to its enterprise 2.0 social software product TeamPage since last March, Traction Software (news, site) has taken TeamPage on the road for the release of v4.2.

Not literally ‘on the road’ -- although the company is currently exhibiting at the Enterprise 2.0 conference currently underway in San Francisco -- but it has added new features that gives users the ability to post content and comments on company wikis or blogs ‘on the road’ with simple, secure two-way email based collaboration.

This has all the appearance of a small upgrade to the existing system -- albeit a very useful one -- but the company says that this release represents more than just an upgrade enabling collaboration using Blackberry or other mobile devices.

This upgrade, they say, has thoroughly overhauled the internal architecture of TeamPage, which will open up the way for a whole range of new capabilities including Attivio Premium Search and the TeamPage Oracle RDB back-end option, demonstrated in a Developer Release at the San Francisco conference.

TeamPage v4.0

For the moment, however, for all practical purposes this release is about making TeamPage more mobile.

Not that there’s any surprises here really as v4.0, was all about collaboration. The 4.0 version was launched in June 2008 and offered support for moderation, page name history and management, as well as user profile pages.

However, at the time of its release, the company said it was working on new plug-ins that would be included in the 4.1 package.

Two of those new plug-ins included:

  • Metrics Plug-In which tracks user activity allowing managers and users to assess what is happening with Traction’s workspace activity.
  • ‘Live Blog’ Technology for document sharing. It allows for the development of targeted content based on the user activity metrics and analysis of content ratings. With the new tools, it will be possible for Wiki administrators to build the Wiki around identified needs rather than building on information that is often out of date and inaccurate.

Mobile TeamPage 4.2

And these functions will now be mobile with subscription and notification services that will enable users who are on the road to access and manipulate TeamPage through their Blackberry.

With the new features, users can subscribe to any article on any of TeamPage’s social media tools, and with a popup form, allow the user interact with that article. Interaction can involve posting comments, editing the articles or posting new articles.

It also includes ‘preferences’ functions that will automatically send updates and notifications of any changes to the selected articles. Notification comes via email, which TeamPage 4.2 can recognize from any of the common email clients including Outlook, BlackBerry and iPhone Mail.

It turns notification information into simple readable emails, which will work both ways enabling users to not only read mail, but to edit comments as well. Emails can also be sent as new posts to targeted areas of the project space using the subject line or an email alias.

Currently available on general release, for those already using TeamPage. v4.2 it is available as a free upgrade.