Expansion, expansion, expansion. There are tons of ways companies can achieve it, but TeamViewer’s most recent method of choice is of the multilingual variety.

The desktop sharing software, which was already available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Danish, has added six new languages to the family: Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Japanese.


TeamViewer made its debut on our site two years ago, and we recently re-connected after they added instant messaging earlier this year.

The whole concept behind the tool is a little different. Basically, what it does is allow you to share your desktop with remote colleagues in order to work together on projects. Additionally, sharing your desktop comes in handy for presentations when your audience is in another location.

You can also “take over” another user's machine to fix a problem or apply updates, and reboot and reconnect to remote machines as an administrator, all, TeamViewer says, without worrying about network security, NAT issues and firewalls.

Now in Your Language

Being that they’re designed to connect people with oceans between them, it’s probably a good move on their part to offer their tools in as many languages as possible. As TeamViewer puts it, “From business consultants supporting international clients, to home users accessing their own computers, the need to connect transcends borders, cultures and countries.”

Designed for both business and home users, the software reportedly connects quickly and easily, providing remote support, presentation and file transfer options that facilitate information sharing and teamwork.

"Expanding the language offering of TeamViewer software will let us serve more customers, and let our customers serve more clients," shares Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and Director of TeamViewer GmbH. "At TeamViewer, our solutions are created to provide collaborative opportunities through online communication, and are pleased our language offering will bring new connection possibilities," he said.

Join the Team

Over 15 million users can’t be wrong, right?

We'll let you decide. You can get the seven-day free trial, or a lifetime purchase. The Business version will set you back US$ 649 or US$ 1,299 for the Premium. Additioally, TeamViewer can be purchased on a six-monthly license, which is a pretty sweet deal if you're working on short-term projects.

Check it out here.