Telligent Capitalizes on the Social Media Boom
The global economy may be imploding, but the flow of investment capital into the social media space shows no sign of recession. Intel Capital continues the trend by taking a US$ 20 million stake in Telligent Systems.

Who is Telligent Systems?

Certainly not a newcomer to CMSWire, the Texas-based software vendor is most known for its Community Server product. According to Telligent, Community Server is the leading social software solution for the .NET architecture. Available in three flavors: Enterprise, Professional and Express, Community Server is used by several large organizations -- including, appropriately enough, Intel. Along with Community Server, Telligent also offers a competitive solution in the blogging space called Graffiti CMS. While calling it a true Web CMS is a stretch, it is certainly a viable alternative for .NET shops looking to incorporate a blogging engine.

Now, What's Worth US$ 20 Million to Intel?

It's no secret that online collaboration and social computing are blistering hot right now. If it turns out we are in a bubble, then it will almost certainly be remembered as being directly related to the social networking craze. And yet, if you remember the year 2000, you can look out at the current landscape in 2008 and see that not every company launched during the dot-com boom went out of business. A couple of names leap to mind immediately: Amazon and Google. Perhaps you have heard of them? All this is not to say that Telligent is the next Amazon or Google, but it does mean that, if companies continue to add social computing capabilities both internally and externally, and Telligent Systems continues to provide a competitive offering in the .NET market, Intel Capital should see a significant return on its investment.

What Will They Do With the Cash?

Expansion, expansion, expansion! Telligent intends to increase the size of its sales staff and its sales footprint both in the U.S. and internationally. Furthermore, we can expect a significant ramp-up in advertising and product development activities. If you're looking for a job in the Dallas area, you might want to check out Telligent. Overall, CMSWire extends wholehearted congratulations to the Telligent Systems team, and we hope this windfall only raises the bar in the Enterprise 2.0 market.