Tomoye Demos Beta of Communities 3.0 at Enterprise 2.0 Conference
Tomoye (news, site) has a new version of their Community software available as a Public Beta starting today. Tomoye Community Software 3.0 is community and social networking application that can be deployed standalone or as an add-on for Microsoft SharePoint.

We gave you an overview of the current release of the community software back in November of last year. That version offered communities based on themes, expert classification, community metrics and a SharePoint powerpack.

The latest version, also being demonstrated at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston for the next three days, includes the ability to show information and people based on being voted most helpful or most connected. Community members also have a say on what's displayed on the community home page through voting.

That's probably not all this new version of Tomoye can do, but unless you sign up for their public beta, you can't seem to find much more information.

We'll be digging that up and bringing it to you as soon as possible. Until then, check them out at the Enterprise 2.0 conference or sign up for that public beta to see for yourself.

Get the feeling this isn't the only social networking, community announcement coming this week? Yeah, neither do we... Stay tuned!