Tracking the Innovation Pipeline from Ideas to Cash
Though once known for their different flavors of innovation, Brightidea (news, site) has tossed everything into the pot for one collective offering: the Brightidea Innovation Suite. 

The Evolution of Innovation

The Brightidea Innovation Suite is an integrated combination of social business software and innovation management. The so-called "Facebook-style platform" (and previously: " for Innovation Management") is designed to track activities at every stage, allowing users to maintain an end-to-end record of the goings on. 

The suite is primarily composed of three previous offerings:

  • WebStorm — WebStorm collects and manages ideas, solicits feedback and suggestions and runs contests and competitions. WebStorms can be adhoc communities or deployed as communities or sub-communities.
  • Switchboard — Next, select an idea and resource it. Scorecards tie business metrics to an idea, screening and prioritization and resourcing are just some of the features available.
  • Pipeline — Supports the implementation of an idea through project management and documentation.
Brightidea Innovation Suite concept

In addition, this week's re-release of sorts will reportedly be followed by the simultaneous release of Brightidea Mobile 2.0 and an upgraded API (expect advanced features such as photo attachment to idea submissions and the ever popular microblogging). 

The Facebook Effect

"Most people understand: if businesses could operate more like Facebook, there is huge potential to improve communication and collaboration. But the early social software providers like SharePoint and Jive have failed to deliver on this promise, because they failed to target specific business processes," said Matthew Greeley, Chief Executive Officer of Brightidea. 

(Mind you, that's the same SharePoint and Jive that were just re-awarded "Leaders" positions in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for social Enterprise software. Jive also landed a leadership position in the Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software 2010, the Magic Quadrant for Social CRM 2010, and The Forrester Wave: Community Platforms Q1 2009 report. )

Trying Brightidea

Meanwhile, we're still thinking about the innovation conundrum as a whole. That is, the problems businesses are having adopting Web 2.0 technologies into their workflows, be it because of scalability problems, security concerns, that whole distraction bit, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

Perhaps a touch of innovation tracking is exactly what some of us need. Brightidea's suite is immediately available to all customers and channel partners and integrators,or, if you're a newbie, you can get pricing information here