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It is universally known that a content management system is only useful when it has content to manage. Unfortunately, the problem of how to migrate content either into a new CMS or from one CMS to another is rarely considered ahead of time and is far from trivial. Vamosa, the content migration specialist, is now bringing its special flavor of pain-relieving software to organizations who are looking to implement IBM's Web 2.0 collaboration product known as Lotus Quickr. You will remember that IBM Lotus Quickr is a team collaboration suite that provides capabilities such as a wiki, a shared content library, team workspaces, blogs, and business templates. Vamosa's newest offering, the Vamosa Content Migrator for IBM Lotus Quickr, provides organizations with the ability to "fast start their Lotus Quickr implementation". In non-PR speak this means that rather than having an already over-worked IT staff write custom content migration scripts or hiring an army of interns to migrate content manually, Vamosa customers can now leverage a suite of automated content migration tools. These tools will allow organizations to achieve a faster ROI on their Lotus Quickr implementations by providing the following functionality: * Documents and rich media can be pre-loaded into Lotus Quickr team spaces * Existing content from file systems, intranets, and legacy systems can be easily migrated into scalable repositories provided by Lotus Quickr * Wikis and team blogs can be established faster by the inclusion of already available information Content migration concerns rank right up there with usability as barriers to adoption for content management systems. If Vamosa can deliver on their promises (if previous history is any indicator, they can), then it would be in the best interest of organizations currently implementing Lotus Quickr to investigate this offering. For more information about all of Vamosa's content migration products, please visit their website.