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Vamosa, again earning their classification as a Cool Vendor (we would prefer Nifty Vendor ourselves) in content management, has announced the release of free content analysis and migration software for Microsoft SharePoint. In case up front clarification is needed, this tool is for, er, migrating content into, not out of a SharePoint system.Hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS), Vamosa has extended their recently released Vamosa Community Edition to include a Sharepoint 2007 connector. This update takes the automated approach to content analysis and migration that Vamosa has championed and makes it available to the Sharepoint community. Unfortunately, the 1000 page limitation for Community Edition has not changed. Despite that constraint users will be able to:
  • Gain a detailed understanding of up to 1000 pages of content
  • Improve content quality through the removal of duplicate and out-dated content
  • Enhance content via the application of relevant metadata
  • Reduce the pain involved in migrating content to SharePoint
In a recent statement Rob Gray, a Microsoft Product Marketing Manager for SharePoint, applauded the move saying, “The release of this free software will bring great benefits to the wider SharePoint community. Using Vamosa’s automated solutions for content analysis and content migration will allow organizations to very quickly realize the return on their investment, irrespective of whether their existing applications are based on Microsoft technologies.” Content migration is an especially sensitive pain point for enterprises that are attempting to implement a document and content management solution. Furthermore, the pain goes up as the amount of content to be migrated increases and as a function of the tidiness, or lack of it, of the existing content . The need to migrate large amounts of existing content and the corresponding issues have caused many a content management project to end up dead in the water or still born. Vamosa aims to make this troublesome yet necessary process rather less of headache. To the extent that such a task can be automated, we think Vamosa is doing a fantastic job. Additionally, we were thrilled to see them release the free Community Edition. This more than anything allows their claims of simplification to stand on their own two feet. If a content migration task is sitting on your shoulders or weighing down your project trigger finger, its high time to give the free version a whirl and find out for yourself.