Varonis Extends Unstructured Data Governance to UNIX Environments

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varonis extends data governance unix
Varonis has launched a new version of its DatAdvantage solution, which extends its data governance capabilities to unstructured data in UNIX environments. DatAdvantage 3.5 provides visibility to and enables auditing for data held in UNIX repositories, ensuring that such data is accessible for appropriate business activities only.The move marks a significant evolution of the DatAdvantage product, which hitherto could only be applied to Windows environments. Users can now manage unstructured data from both environments from a single interface. The technology provides visibility for any UNIX file server, gathers user data from NIS, LDAP and local machine accounts, and grabs event data from Network Appliance filers and Sun Solaris v8, v9, and v10 file servers.DatAdvantage 3.5 offers the following:* Increased Data Protection - The user interface offers a single view of user/group/data relationships, including access permissions and how they were assigned.* Automated and Scalable Data Access Controls - Varonis provides accurate and adaptive data authorization by recommending who should be removed from having access to a given data set based on their usage patterns and business need.* Faster IT Operations and Helpdesk Response - By listing the names of likely business owners for any given data set, data ownership identification becomes an easy task.* Documented and Actionable Audit Trail - Varonis software delivers granular data use audit information, down to the file level. Reports can be generated for any given time interval and sent on a custom-defined schedule."Lack of visibility into UNIX file share data use and poor access control have been a reality since the inception of UNIX almost 40 years ago," said Yaki Faitelson, CEO and co-founder of Varonis. "We are extremely proud to have applied our unique expertise to provide another industry-first with DatAdvantage for UNIX."Head on over to Varonis to find out more.